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PDT was founded with a fresh vision for how product development should work. This unique approach has propelled our growth to a firm spanning the globe with nine offices and over 125 dedicated experts. Twice named to Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing American Companies, our design and engineering teams are frequently recognized by distinguished industry awards including IDEA, ADEX and the ID Forty. Since 1995, PDT has been committed to providing truly comprehensive product development services via a proven, process-driven approach. Grounded in creativity, our work is balanced by a solid understanding of your business, the needs of your customers and demands of your markets. Even our own corporate structure - flexible and entrepreneurial in the best sense of the word - is designed in response to the fast paced nature of the industries in which our clients compete. Our mission? Deliver on the promise of truly seamless product development, innovation through execution. By all counts, we do it pretty well… Over 75% of PDT’s programs are repeat business from clients who’ve come to appreciate how our team becomes a natural extension of theirs. We build close, trusted relationships on solutions that rarely fail to exceed expectations.

PDT is proud to announce our latest success. PDT and Coolfire Solutions have been honored with a 2011 Silver Spark Award for the Satellite Communications Operational User Toolkit (SCOUT). Recognized as a positive design-led change that improves the quality of the human condition, SCOUT promises to contribute to happiness, intelligence, longevitity and progress for military communication specialists. more

All of our researchers, designers and engineers are the best in the fields, and while more senior employees generally maintain overall management responsibility for programs, there are no hard and fast demarcations of work load that can hinder the most efficient use of resources; a senior program manager, for example, may direct a project brainstorm one day but spend the next rendering at her PC if that’s the most effective way to meet a client’s needs.
The quality of PDT’s work is built on the quality of its people. We place the highest value on bringing out the best in each of the incredibly talented professionals on our team, knowing that the level of respect and confidence we place in them translates directly to the quality relationships we build with clients. The high level of personal service and open communication PDT customers receive is a direct reflection of the way our people work together at all levels of the firm.  


Our program managers facilitate like no others. They ensure the resources and support required to meet your project goals are in place. They organize. They plan. They always have their eyes on scope, timelines and budgets. They make sure the project goals and objectives are met while honoring the constraints, controlling risk and minimizing uncertainty. They are obsessed with standards. They are your liason.

Backed by MBAs and years of corporate and consultancy experience, our strategists know how to uncover valuable opportunities and translate them into real business success. They balance your business objectives with realities of development. They help you leverage the potential of an evolving marketplace. They run workshops where ideas and knowledge are stretched, repurposed and applied to drive innovation and novel approaches to challenges. They see problems with fresh eyes. They crack the code on observations to develop true insights. They work with you to identify and prioritize opportunities. They leverage your team’s strengths. They define products and experiences that drive your next wave of growth and profitability. They help your company stand apart from the crowd in a meaningful and valued way.

They aren’t afraid to jump in… to a semi-truck, a sewer or an operating room. They get their hands dirty but clean up well. They are the fly on the wall. They break barriers. They empathize and connect. They have a toolbox full of unconventional methods proven to uncover insights. They are masters at turning those insights into solutions integral to evolving products in ways that users truly appreciate and your customers will notice. They’re interdisciplinary. They are road warriors. They are always knee-deep in new technology scouting. They have the capacity to gain a genuine understanding of user needs and market dynamics. They translate that information into logical solutions to answer genuine user needs, putting them at the core of everything we do.

Our industrial designers connect. They cultivate. They challenge. They are diverse in their backgrounds and experiences. They harness the energy that comes from insight, passion and the desire to solve problems. They transform sparks of inspiration into head turning, award winning designs with innovative and intuitive features that incorporate the latest technologies, materials and finishes. They are grounded in engineering architectures. They are team players. They think about the entire product development process from the start and never lose sight of user needs. They create products that evoke emotion.

Our user experience designers take on the challenge of constructing one of the most important aspects of today’s complex devices and systems: the interaction between user and machine. They are creative information architects. They are immersed in forward thinking and challenging technologies. They cut frustration. They shorten paths. They design information, visuals and interaction that influence a user’s satisfaction with the product experience. They are tuned in to the hardware while creating the virtual. They create immersive experiences that shape perception, understanding and operation. They are the force behind products that are a joy to own and a pleasure to use that consumers can’t live without.

Our engineers are like no others you’ve met. They have nearly 600 years of cumulative mechanical experience. They’ve worked side by side, solving complex problems for 15+ years. They’ve been the go-to source for PTC, the creator of pro/ENGINEER software during its development because of their power user reputation. They are also proficient in SolidWorks. They know how to cleverly innovate by leveraging tools tools to realize designers’ visions. They know technology like no one else and have their brains picked by suppliers regularly. They are simply the best at what they do.

When clients think it can’t be done, they come to us. Our prototyping team is made of problem solvers and skilled artisans. When there isn’t an existing process to make something a reality, they create one. They have all of the latest technology and tools at their fingertips. They have built some of the most technologically complicated prototypes around. They amaze clients when they walk them through our state-of-the-art, in-house shop. They love the challenge of bringing artistry and engineering together to deliver head-turning results.

Our electrical engineers were bred in hardware development on medical and military products. They excel when the utmost accuracy and risk mitigation is required. They distill complex design objectives and simplify them down to core requirements, then systematically build robust solutions from the ground up. They are precise, analytical and creative and have an uncanny ability to take partial or incomplete designs and resurrect them. They breathe science, technology and math. They focus on quality yet never lose sight of schedules, cost, and design scope. They love to exceed expectations.

Our software engineers think the world is a very exciting place. They write some mean code. They’ve brought high usability and high functionality to mission critical defense communication devices, Class ll medical devices and smartphone apps. They can twiddle bits way down deep in a product enabling new communication links. They love using the latest design patterns to realize rich user interfaces that pop. They are happy that iPhone and Android have raised the stakes. Enterprise Architect, JIRA, Mercurial, and Clocksharp are tools in their back pockets that help drive a development process that starts with your custom requirements and ends with "Wow - how did you do that so fast?!" Software is not only their profession; it's their passion.

Our quality assurance professionals have all the right tools to ensure consistency and reliability. They are always experts in other functional disciplines as well. They understand the implications of test results. They are inquisitive and precise as they measure, watch, and report. Because they have a global product development understanding, they also solve and implement. They save you time, money and headaches.

Do they really enjoy traveling? No. But they do enjoy a smooth factory launch. Our global sourcing managers have all the right connections. With an always evolving list of qualified, tried-and-true vendors, they make sourcing abroad a breeze. They have a qualified list of quality FDA and ITAR registered suppliers. They are incredible managers, communicators and facilitators. They’ve logged tens of thousands of frequent flier miles in the past year. They make you look like a hero.


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