Issue 20

August 2012

Welcome to PDT!

We often hear: "Wow! I had no idea the depth of your capabilities or the size of your team" as clients walk through our headquarters outside of Chicago. Because many of you haven't had the opportunity to walk these halls with us, we thought we'd give you a peek inside here.


Our teams are always scouting for the latest trends and breakthroughs in all things product development: technologies, materials, methods... you name it.
You'll find us at industry events all over the world.
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New Processes

Chipset Technologies,
Near Field Communications,
Power/Inductive Charging

We put
ourselves in the
environments of
users to watch

Jumping in:
We're out in the field right now!

We've set foot on most continents, watched surgical procedures,
attended classes with blind children, ridden in big-rigs,
sat in home kitchens and talked to soldiers.

'We take the unique insights we gain and leverage them to develop products that resonate with your stakeholders.


Our user experience design team begins every project with a goal: to deliver a delightful experience to the user that resonates before, during and long after use. They are working right now to build brands through great experience design.

Try it!
The kids we
designed for

Here are
a few.

The thinnest dual-screen
smartphone serving
as the engine for
multiple devices - the only
back to back folding action.

Give it legs:
You want visionary design.
You want unique. You want inspired. And that's what
our designers are busy doing right now: creating what's next.

This is how.

Our engineers are keeping
nearly 50 seats of Pro/E and
9 seats of Solidworks running
around the clock making
challenging designs a reality.

antenna lab
is busy!

Designing, assembling, prototyping, problem
solving, soldering and testing are in progress
now in PDT's electrical engineering area.

Did you know we have more
than 70 software engineers
hard at work on programs right now?
We also have multiple established
partners with varied software
development expertise. Want
to know more?
Drop us a note.


Our prototyping shop is always
buzzing, creating models for our
team and our clients to test, evaluate
and sell designs. You won't
see a shop like this in many places.

Our team's experience is hard to
match. Craftsmen with expertise
in engineering, design, tooling and
model making work together every
day to make unbelievable products.

Demanding specifications and
requirements don't scare us;
we design for some of the most
rigorous environments.
We put those designs through
our in-house test lab
to make sure the quality our
clients need is what they get.

Our sourcing experts know the ropes. They have established relationships with the best vendors for all different types of projects.

They are on the ground making it happen for clients right now.