Industrial Design and Consumer, Medical Product Development

In today’s volatile business environment, concerns about growth, diversification and innovation are not just about strategic planning, they’re critical to survival. Smart companies are always looking for what’s next and planning well in advance for how to execute on it. We’re working on about two dozen solutions for clients right now, and we’d love to learn about the particular challenges you’re facing too.

The ability to stay connected to the most effective and influential technology is critical to product development. Looking ahead to scout our strategic opportunities and track and predict where technology is heading is just as important as successfully applying it to your next generation product. How do you keep up with the constantly evolving opportunities and sort through those which can power marketplace differentiation and growth across your portfolio?

With an array of choices and purchasing paths as never before, how do you get customers to choose what you're selling? How can you create desire and drive demand? How can you keep doing it across multiple product cycles and competitive offerings? Differentiation is essential to survival, but being different is not enough. We help you differentiate with a foundation in understanding the differences that will sell. But PDT doesn't leave you hanging with big ideas and pretty pictures. Our team knows how to get those ideas engineered and on to shelves.

Ideas are easy. Developing them in a constructive and collaborative way is the hard part of the development process. Creative design, robust engineering and an effective path to production need to come together seamlessly to ensure success. The best laid plans are worthless without a means to make them real, and that capability has always been the core of PDT's approach to problem solving. For 15 years, our team has worked with clients worldwide on projects large and small with an emphasis on delivering those great ideas to commercialization.

All aspects of PDT’s work are accomplished with an eye toward our clients’ ultimate goal: bringing extraordinarily successful products to market on schedule, on budget. And with over 70 mechanical and electrical engineers, 30 software programmers and 25 designers, user experience experts and design strategists, our team has a combined 1000+ years of experience doing just that. But PDT is much more than impressive numbers. We offer a truly seamless integration of these capabilities to achieve even the most complex and technically challenging goals under the tightest of timeframes. Whether partnering actively with customers or independently managing their entire project, PDT confidently delivers from concept through commercialization.

PDT Scouting: Observing and exploring culture, technology and trends to gather and evaluate information for decision making.

Technical Scouting
Business Scouting
User Scouting
Design Scouting

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PDT Research & Informed Innovation:
Investigating, discovering and analyzing critical knowledge as the foundation for design strategy.

Innovation Workshops
Scalable Research
Holistic Perspective
Voice of the Community
      Voice of the Business (VoB)
      Voice of the Customer (VoC)
Strategic Planning, Management
Expert, Diverse Research Team
Global View
Contextual Exposure
Ethnographic Techniques
Persona/Archetype Tools
Development-Centric Synthesis
Preliminary Conept Visualization
Informed Innovation

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PDT User Experience: The design of intuitive on-screen interfaces which render even the most complex technology approachable, inviting and easy to use.

Font Creation
Interface Simulators and Usability Testing
Task Analysis
Interaction Diagramming
Specification Documentation
Interface and Communications Design
Sound Design in Sound Lab
Function Definition

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PDT Industrial Design: Visionary functional, aesthetic and ergonomic solutions which maximize your product’s perceived value and user satisfaction.

Visual Brand Language (VBL) Development
Innovation Workshops
Product Platform and Architecture Definition
Color, Material and Finish (CMF) Documentation
Product Refinement and Detail Definition
Human Factors Support (Usability, Ergonomic Studies and Anthropometric Analysis)
Product Lifecycle Design
Market Trends and Product Landscape Analysis
Physical Mockups and Form Studies
Collaborative Ideation and Structured Brainstorming
Color and Trend Analysis and Contectual Definition

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PDT Mechanical Engineering: Robust, rapid development of your product for cost-effective production and successful commercialization.

Control Drawings
High Risk DVT Testing
Project Definition
Manufacturing Support
FEA on Critical Areas
Tolerance Stacks
Tooling Review
Tooling Quotes
Master Model
Top Down Assembly
Appearance Model CAD Creation for Marketing
ID Support and Capture ID
Detailed Design
Fixture Design
Preliminary BOM with Costing
Internal Architecture
Functional Prototypes

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PDT Electrical Engineering: The design of circuits and associated components ensuring that your electronic device performs with exceptional functionality and utmost reliability.

Handheld and Battery Powered Design
Verification Support
Architecture Creation
Requirement Generation
Complex PCB Design
Short range and Quad Band Wireless Design
RF Lab
Antenna Development
Sonnet Simulation Tool
Quick Turn Prototyping
Contract Manufacturer Selection Support

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PDT Software: Design, testing and implementation of the code which brings your device to life and powers a seamless user experience.

General Embedded (No OS, RTOS, or Linux)
Medical and Military Process Flows
Windows CE (Drivers, Middleware, Applications)
Android (Drivers, Middleware, Applications)
PC Applications for Devices
Wireless Integration (Connectivity, WLAN, Cellular)
Web Services for Devices
GUI Implementation (QT, WPF, Android)
iPhone and iPad (Applications, Accessories)

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PDT Prototyping: Precision crafted representations of your design validate all aspects of functionality and aesthetics prior to production.

Fully Functional Working Prototypes
Appearance Models
Iterative Mechanical Refinement
RTV Molding
Objet Polyjet 3D Print
Color and Material Matching
High-Speed CNC Machining

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PDT Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing at our in-house lab to verify that your product meets the most demanding specifications and requirements.

Temperature and Humidity Testing
Drop Testing
Laser Scanning
Computer Aided Verification (CAV)
High Speed Camera
Ingress Protection Testing
Cycle Testing

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PDT Sourcing: Battle tested manufacturing experts that take your design to production in partnership with rigorously qualified vendors around the globe.

Piece Part Sourcing or Full Production and Assembly
Three Levels of Project Support Available
Vendor Qualification of New Suppliers
Die Cast and Plastic Tooling
Prequalified Suppliers

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