The Evolution of Movement in Gaming

Jacks. Twister. Bop it! Wii. Force Trainer. Kinect. The upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2013) has us thinking about the evolution of movement in games. Whether vehicle, currency or reward, movement has been a cornerstone of games since Roman times.

It’s been said there is a lot we can learn about life from games. Likewise, technologies used in gaming often have exciting applications in a wide range of products—from consumer electronics to medical devices and defense technologies. That’s why we’ll be watching closely as E3 2013 unveils what’s new in gaming; these same innovations are likely poised to be integrated into next-generation products across industries, enhancing usability and opening up possibilities yet unknown.

As an entrée into this world, we had fun exploring the ways that movement and games have intersected over the years. The big question is: what’s the next move?

With our eyes always on new technology and its possible applications, we’ll be watching to see the latest innovations in gaming. Chances are they’ll have applications only limited by our imaginations. Game on!

The Evolution of Movement in Gaming

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