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PDT Describes Advancements in Tactical Radio Accessories in Milsat Magazine


"Just as in any line of work, effective communication is a must within the military. However, unlike most work scenarios, soldiers’ ability to communicate effectively can be a matter of life and death. They must be able to relay timely messages through a secure network in order to ensure safety and success.


While consumer technologies such as cell phones and computers seemingly advance every day, military communication has been moving at a much slower pace. With a more drawn out design cycle and approval process, not to mention information security concerns, military radios and accessories are still evolving, at a pace that is much slower than smart phones and tablet PCs. However, recent advancements in information security and the adaptation of a more commercial business model within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), procurement has allowed advanced technologies to be received into the hands of soldiers faster than ever before."


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