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PDT is a Featured Speaker at the Upcoming Back End of Innovation (BEI) Conference


PDT is proud to be sponsoring and speaking at the Back End of Innovation (BEI) Conference hosted by the International Institute for Research (IIR) October 6-8, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.


PDT is a featured speaker because 100% of the focus of the event is on executing ideas- because without the proper implementation and ecosystem to support it, it will never become anything more. PDT has been integral in helping clients bring thousands of products to market, effectively executing and commercializing solutions.


Our team’s presentation will guide attendees through the growing airline passenger experience space, how connectivity is shaping expectations, how current technology is and can be leveraged to meet these expectations and how manufacturers can weave this movement into their product planning.


Learn more about the event here:



Back End of Innovation (BEI)

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