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PDT's Work with Aesir and Yves Behar is Featured in Monitor Magazine


"Talking of successful rackets / modesty deserves a mention / Exclamation marks in brackets / never fail to draw attention, wrote scientist, designer and uomo universale Piet Hein whose Superelliptic table can be found in Aesir Copehnagen offices. The notion of an exclamation mark in brackets perfectly sums up the Aesir spirit: to stand out without shouting for the world to look at you. Dealing with ideas is a passion of Thomas Moller Jensen, the founder of the newborn Danish label. Surely Aesir is about purifying the mobile phone, now overloaded with less than necessary functions. And about recognizing the mobile phone as THE next product design will go for. And about swapping a disposable plastic phone —1,3 billions of them thrown away every year—for the one that is made to last."


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