The 2017 Business Aviation and Exposition was the 70th of its kind, attracting professionals with a passion for private jets, business choppers and the technology surrounding them. We’re happy to share some of the highlights of the expo with you here.


Last month we released a trend report on the commercial aviation space following the Airline Passenger Experience Expo. If you missed it, be sure to give it a read as well.




Bombardier Global 7000 exhibited by Bombardier

Photo from NBAA 2017 photo gallery



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The Cessna Citation Longitude will come standard with Iridium satcom and the Clarity system, which hosts global airborne internet via onboard touchscreens, controllers, or smart devices with a downloaded app.


Leonardo’ AW169 helicopter is doing well with corporate customers who appreciate its wireless control and entertainment system, which enables streaming media to their devices or a cabin monitor.


“The business aircraft is becoming more of an extension of the company office, allowing employees to utilize their time efficiently,” said Tom Genovese, senior account manager of True Blue Power, a division of Mid-Continent. “The demand for in-flight connectivity is at an all-time high, and that requires power sources to keep personal electronic devices fully charged during flight.”


Quote from Business Aviation Insider Special Report > https://www.nbaa.org/ops/cns/connectivity/special-report-business-aircraft-connectivity-achieves-major-milestones.php


Send Solutions Airtext+ Iridium satcom system has already been pleasing passengers with its nickel text service, where each text costs just $.05 to send. The system is now getting an upgrade with “Big Data” capabilities. Looks like those selfies in the sky will start to go through.

Garmin debuted its new wx radar, which is feature packed, including a new atmospheric threat assessment, warning pilots of conditions that may lead to hail and lightening. Garmin is proving a solid aviation company, seeing a 10% growth in its aviation division since 2015.

Gogo Business Aviation demonstrated its Avance L5 high-speed air-to-ground connectivity system’s capabilities: The new antennas provide connection to two towers at once, enabling more robust streaming power- notably, streaming a Netflix movie in-flight was no problem.

Moving maps aren’t necessarily new, but FDS Avionics is allowing passengers to explore cities and towns in 2 and 3D using their own smartphone or tablet.

For aircraft made before 2010, on-board entertainment is completely outdated. Several companies are bringing solutions that don’t require a completely installed, retrofit (expensive) project. Innov8 displayed cabin management systems like usb chargers to power and arms to hold personal devices, while our own Encompass Portable Server solution enables connectivity on-board in an affordable, portable package.


The Airbly Phoenix portable aircraft monitor brings big data capabilities to small aircraft maintenance, monitoring real-time usage while in-flight.


Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Flight Acquisition Storage and Transmission (FAST) technology records engine and aircraft data to generate aircraft health reports and alerts. The data collected is downloaded after landing. More than 90% of the Dassault Falcon 7X trijets that are powered by P&WC 307 engines are equipped with the technology.

Traxxall Technologies has enhanced its Aircraft Maintenance Tracking System to enable maintenance techs to leverage apps on their smartphones or tablets, removing paper from the hangar floor completely.

ATP launched its Advanced Library on Connectivity service this year, connecting documents for each aircraft - from compliance to maintenance - in one, centralized place and accessible via app.

AeroParts Now is a brand new startup that connects parts sellers with parts buyers in a digital aerospace marketplace.


Crystal AirCruise’s VIP 777-200LR “Crystal Skye” interior was completed by Greenpoint Tech. Featuring a stone-veneer bar, lounge for passengers to eat, drink and visit, as well as sofas, dining tables and plenty of space to stand and stretch, the design matches Crystal’s exclusivity and style.

Duncan Aviation, a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company says requests for brighter colors, larger-scale patterns and more personalized interiors are on the rise, as well as colored lighting.



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According to Honeywell’s 2018-20207 forecast

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business jet deliveries

business jet deliveries

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Alphachocks offers a well designed and engineered alternative to chocks, which are decidedly unsexy, but vital to ground handling safety. Replacing slippery wood or heavy rubber alternatives, these collapsible, lightweight devices are a welcome alternative.


Uber is planning to launch demo urban electric vertical takeoff and landing networks (eVTOL) by 2020. In an effort to create an on-demand urban transportation system, Uber says the type and scale of aircraft being manufactured would have to change. They’re working with Bell, Embraer, Aurora, Pipistrel and Mooney on craft and technologies.

A mini-cabin within the cabin, Aerospace Technologies Group showed off their Skypod prototype. While the prototype was intended to promote the company’s core offering (shade systems), the Skypod suggested some innovative R&D processes are in place there.

Aurora Flight Sciences, which Boeing has plan to acquire, was selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop and flight test a pilot assistant (called Alias), which could operate an aircraft from takeoff to landing. Their eyes are on future robotics applications and technologies.

Star Jets International is now accepting Bit Coin as payment for your private jet charter or jet card (a prepaid version of charter). Accepting this new payment system allows for more flexibility for customers.


Go Direct Bag Pro by Honeywell was made for (and designed/approved by) business aviation pilots. The app can be used on a connected aircraft for domestic & international flights to stay informed of weather conditions and best routes.

The Rolls-Royce Business Aviation Availability App for CorporateCare service launces Dec 1 and features an “AOG” alert, giving operators access to instant, real-time service support.

Top performers in overall product support from airframe, engine & avionics manufacturers over the last 12 months

(Phenom, Legacy, Lineage)

(MU-2, Solitaire, Marquise)

According to AIN Publications Product Support Survey






Bell Helicopter


Nexcelle’s nacelle is not your ordinary nacelle. Developed with a goal of low weight and low drag, designers created a functional and beautiful piece of technology.

Aviation Partners’ composite and aluminum winglets are not only beautful, they also cut drag by up to 7%.


GE’s Advanced Turboprop is being dubbed the world’s ‘most printed engine’, with twelve 3D printed components replacing a whopping 855 traditionally manufactured parts.

Safran’s 3D printed APU turbine nozzle was certified in June by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


Supersonic flight was banned by Congress decades ago, but measures are being taken to revisit this topic, possibly lifting bans on aircraft with low or no-sonic boom technologies and to look into operational and safety considerations. Several companies are working hard toward delivering on a supersonic travel experience.



Spike Aerospace



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