The annual Home & Housewares Show provides us the opportunity to study trends in consumer desires in one of the most intimate settings- the home. Walking this show each year gets our thoughts brewing about the innovations being developed for products that people choose to live with every day. These insights inspire us in our development programs for clients from industries from technology to aerospace.


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Home & Housewares

2018 Home & Housewares Show Trend Report



The Peugeot corkscrew is made from Beechwood and features a grapevine-shaped handle.

Ferrum’s knives are made with gorgeous reclaimed hardwood.

Pakka kitchen tools are made with bamboo.



Soma’s bottles have natural color choices and bamboo tops.

Brambantia’s garbage cans have been given a sophisticated color palette.

Soft, feminine forms and colors ruled here.

Hip choose fun, saturated colors.

Thoughts on color from the leader: Pantone.

Farberware chose muted pastels for this line of kitchen utensils.

Gibson’s dinnerware mixes color of varying saturation to make interesting grouping sets.


Heirloom quality cast-iron cookware from Finex.

Mixed stones in a geometric pattern.

The Axis lever corkscrew’s clever form factor plays on a geometric shape.

High end design


Bodum’s vacuum coffee maker continues the Scandanavian design aesthetic they’ve built their brand upon.

Cangshan creates tools used on a daily basis by creative individuals that look great and perform perfectly.

“Demographic shifts in the overall population are contributing towards changing the future behavior of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) consumers. For example, the middle class is changing along with the household size shrinking, meaning a purchasing shift towards less volume, but more high-quality CPG goods to serve smaller families.”


Peugeot’s Whiskey tasting set is for serious connoisseurs.

European design

Boneco’s top-quality air treatment products leverage clean, European design aesthetics to communicate their commitment to clean air.


Cuisinart has made grilling on the go much easier. Tailgating, anyone?

These “Nifty” solutions make containing and moving kitchen items a snap.

Igloo’s all-terrain wheeled cooler makes picnics anywhere easier.

Make a roast on the way to your road trip destination next time with the Nomad travel slow cooker.

Fresh Growth


Raise veggies and herbs indoors any time of year with this hydroponic system.

Brands that tap into (nostalgia) successfully can earn an emotional connection that is priceless. Or at least it helps raise brands from a downward spiral of discounts and deals.





Remington calls its 80 year heritage to the forefront with these retro shavers.

Home cookin’ might taste even homier in these vintage-inspired pots.

Just like grandpa used at the plant... Stanley calls to mind a by-gone era.


The 70s are back with hanging macrame baskets and succulents.

For the perfectionist baker in you- cut perfect circles in dough and fondant with this fun cutting tool..

No need to pack a separate bowl for Fido when you head out for a hike.

Defrost frozen foods in a flash with the ThawTHAT! board.

Keep drying pots and pans off the counter and dripping into the sink withe the Ta Da over the sink drying mat.

The Flex toilet brush gets in all the crevices, making toilet cleaning easier.

By the numbers


Contributors: Gil Cavada, George Guffey, Erik Moses, Nicole Byer, Jake Vail, John Hannon

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