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This year’s auto show was pretty lean on exciting tech. Some good device charging solutions were seen and some notable user interfaces, but CES 2020 seems to be where the really innovative new tech is being displayed for the industry.


people use smartphones worldwide (and they all have to charge).

3.5 B

Qi charging is rising in popularity in vehicles, and there were a variety of integrations that toggled between convenient placement vs tucked away.


Have you seen this symbol but not known what it means? Qi (pronounced “Chee”) is an open interface standard, developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, that defines wireless power transfer using inductive charging over distances of up to 4 cm (1.6 inches). In other words, put your phone here to charge.

The Forte has a shelf for Qi charging that can also be turned off. It has 2 power ports, AUX audio, USB for content and even a hook to hang cables and a pouch to hold a charging phone. Nice.


power in the back seat

Read more about the passenger’s experience in our rideshare study:

One of our favorites: the Kia Telluride has the USB port in the back of the front seats, at an easier to reach location.


There is also a hook to hang cables and a pouch to hold a charging phone.


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user interface

New warnings

Interesting icon.

The phone is the key to it all.

A new set of collision avoidance symbols.

Lexus has a touch panel to remotely interact with the radio interface, but made changing stations complicated. There were small hard keys to easily skip stations, but the small size was not pleasant for multiple pressings.


underwhelmed by the tech seen at the auto show?

We were too. If you want more interesting innovations in mobility, be sure to also take a look at our CES 2020 report.

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