Aftermarket case developers are continually pressed to keep pace with the evolution of the tablets themselves. Those winning in this sector are mindful of budget cutbacks and are collaborating with storage providers to ensure their cases can be used in multiple use-case scenarios. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


Many of the cases on show wouldn't have been out of place at a military expo, which alludes to the abuse these devices can take in the classroom. As designers responding to this market we might consider styling which is motivated by the interaction and behaviour of children, and I would expect to see convergence of technology like the Osmo camera to enrich the learning experience.


Devices are a major capital expense for education facilities, so IT security and device theft are serious concerns. There's no shortage of manufacturers trying to answer the call for solutions. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


Our engineers took note of the increased demand on space in the classroom, prompting the convergence of device storage, power supply, connectivity and security into compact, organized solutions. As devices become ever more affordable and battery technologies evolve, we wonder if there will be a shift away from mass storage controlled by teachers to an evolution of the student desk to meet device requirements.

The BETT Show is a unique platform for the world’s leading learning technology providers to showcase innovations which will shape the next generation of teachers and academics alike. PDT is inspired each year by the application of technology to assist, protect and enrich the education system. We’re passionate about the responsibility of design to adapt to the needs of the scholar. Read on to see what was trending.

Responsive audio-visual devices are certainly unlocking the potential for creative educational opportunities when combining smart applications with physical devices and/or stimuli. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


When you think about it, it really makes sense that some unique technology solutions are launched in the education space; afterall, those learning via these advancements will be the next tech innovators. These smart apps, educational games and novel ways to interact with the digital and physical world are exciting the heck out of our User Experience and Software teams!

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