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Cardinal's sales model is based on re-supplying consumables. They needed a way to get customers to evaluate them on more than just cost.

Cardinal asked PDT to develop a safer and sleeker solution for waste disposal.


Researching the competition

Currently, fluids from surgery are collected using vacuum hoses and racks of rigid plastic bins and disposed of manually into sinks or solidified with gel and thrown away. Customers think the current offering exposes staff to pathogens, is bulky and expensive to dispose of, clutters the operating room, requires attention during surgery, and is similar to competitor offerings.


Focusing on customer needs

We focused on streamlining how surgical waste is managed, not just providing buckets and tubes for collection. By using technology we could shift the sales relationship from commodity resupply to a differentiated, value-added solution that meets multiple customer needs.

Meeting Customer Needs

"Don't touch anything blue" "the circulating nurse is the symphony master" "OR staff is resistant to change"

From expert and stakeholder interviews, competitive assessments, and observational research we identified opportunities and key strategic priorities: eliminate spill potential, remove the clutter of daisy-chain collection towers, end staff exposure to biohazard waste, create a compact, lower-cost container that dramatically reduces costly red-bag waste, and lock out competitors.

Strategically Prioritizing

Solving complex technical challenges

We solved complex technical challenges, and continually tested for quality and manufacturability. A compact, yet stable footprint, intuitive, ergonomic controls, verification of secure wall docking before pumping out surgical waste…

Solving Challenges

A reliable collection bag system

a reliable collection bag that was thin-walled and collapsible, simplified post-surgical sterilization, streamlined inventory and setup, and cost-reduced the bill of materials.

Solving Challenges

Cardinal ORwell

A compelling, meaningfully differentiated game-changer that was built around Cardinal's go-to-market strategy was brought to fruition.

A Game-Changer

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