Savvy manufacturers see a huge opportunity to market the latest technology to women and kids and are utilizing design to create compelling products to meet the particular need of these consumers.  Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


I particularly liked concepts where the unique demands of this market were reflected in deeper solutions rather than just "making it pink." Connecting with the family, encouraging and enabling kids to help themselves, and reflecting personal style without losing any high tech capabilities are what resonated with me at CES.

Tanya Sillitti, Marketing Manager, PDT + Telefonix


Technology that we often take for granted is starting to take a more prominent (some might say intrusive) role in our daily activities. It will be interesting to see how we balance the competing demands of commerce and personal space in coming years. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


The words of Barbara Kruger spring to mind.. "I shop therefore I am." Kruger said, "I work with pictures and words because they have the ability to determine who we are and who we aren't." Technological advancements, the Internet of Things and 'big brother' data capture make the presence of media almost boundless. As Product Designers, also motivated by sales, we need to make sure we influence corporate responsibility (especially in transient fast fashion sectors) to minimize our impact on the environment so like who we become.

Richard Mold, Designer, United Kingdom


It is tempting to say that virtual reality may be CES 2015's "3D television," which is to say we won't be seeing it again in a year or two. But we don't think that's the case. Unlike 3D TV, VR is certain to develop into a truly valuable new way to interact with everything from flight simulators to remote healthcare. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


While the frontiers of virtual reality are expanding due to increased interest, creating virtual reality experiences will lead to a number of important changes in human life and daily activity. The success of virtual reality is dependent on developers to bring the designer and artist great concepts to life.

Karen Carlson, Software Engineer


Entertainment has always served as a natural introduction for the latest advances in technology, and CES 2015 continued the tradition. Sometimes innovation "trickles down" into purely fun applications, but in many cases consumers benefit from manufacturers identifying profitable spin-offs of non-consumer tech. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


Often times the greatest technologies are flexible enough to be used in many applications across various industries. As time goes on cross-pollination between industries is rapidly increasing, and it's exciting to see how technologies are coming together in truly entertaining ways.

Eric Schiffer, Electrical Engineer


There was no shortage of mobile charging solutions on the show floor this year. In fact, it seemed like every other booth was devoted to portable battery solutions. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


You used to be able to just throw a plain cable on a block and call it a charge solution, but as devices become more personal and more mobile, charge solutions must do the same. The market is adapting to visually incorporate chargers into our environment and to make them highly mobile. We are seeing more colors and materials for cables than ever before, and the shape of portable charge solutions are now convenient to carry on the person.

Steve Fragassi, Mechanical Engineer


Dave Carlson, Director of Software Engineering



Over the past few years, it's been great to see some well-known brands reinvent themselves at CES. 2015 was especially satisfying in this regard, with the smartest players using technology to find genuine relevance in today's marketplace. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:

CES 2015 Las Vegas

#CES2015 isn't so much about new tech, more real life use for tech shown prior years. Maybe not exciting, but satisfying.

PDT is a global, award-winning product design and development firm with experience in myriad industries, from medical to defense, consumer electronics and aerospace.


There's an app for that. And that. And that. Apps know no limit and are controlling products from cars to shoe insoles. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


Your device may be just what people need. Does your app meet that same need? Does it display relevant information that users can understand and act upon?

George Guffey, Director of User Experience Development


An entire section of CES was dedicated to drones this year. With FAA regulations on the horizon, the potential applications for drones are still up in the air, but we expect to see this market continue to expand. come into focus over the next couple of years. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


I think drones are still finding their niche in the consumer space. Applications, particularly as they pertain to safety, are really useful. Inspecting a roof or chimney for example could prevent a lot of accidents. However drones also present a new set of safety concerns. Expect to see the FAA step up regulations before the air traffic gets too out of control.

Mark Schwartz, CEO


Vehicle manufacturers are working on everything from highly efficient electric motors to increasingly connected vehicles that push the limits of in-car information overload. Attendees were particularly awed by the latest in self-driving technology. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


I believe the auto industry has started to focus on Millennials and what this generation finds desirable. Gen X and Baby Boomers have always regarded control of a vehicle as a method of power and freedom. Millennials regard vehicles as transportation or entertainment. So as we read about google autonomous cars and see Mercedes Benz present a concept that removes effort/power of driving and creates a platform for which you are driven and entertained or allowed to multi-task, we mark the start of an enormous fundamental shift in industry and culture.

Gil Cavada, Director of Industrial Design


All of this technology is great...but not without the batteries to fuel it. There were a few notable new power sources displayed at CES. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


How do you provide enough energy to last a lifetime? Shape and structure has been the primary advance in innovation more so than the energy density of batteries. Moving forward, it will become critical that new chemistries will provide the "next big thing."

Stephen Lingle, Director of Electrical Engineering


The "Internet of Things" was the big buzzword at last year's CES, and 2015 saw the hype start to settle down into practical applications with exciting possibilities. Everyone wants to make their product "smart," with the ability to communicate with a variety of other devices in a limitless technological ecosystem.  Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


Our role as designers is now focused not just on tangible elements and aesthetics, but also the economics and usage of a connected product (will the Nest thermostat really save me money over time?). Just like working with engineers, Industrial Designers have to play well with UI/UX designers in order to create a great overall product experience.

Tom O'Connor, Industrial Designer


It can be difficult to find something notable in the sea of tablets at CES, but we saw a couple that deserved a little shout-out. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


We are seeing a convergence between a person's use of their phone, tablet and laptop. There are more phones today that look like mini-tablets and laptops that are designed to be more versatile. Consumers are looking to purchase a tablet that operates as their traditional personal computer. One that is feature-packed with things like USB connectivity or a sophisticated interface that can easily transform between a working laptop and a device on the go.

John Morici, Mechanical Engineer


iPhone and iPad accessory development show no signs of slowing. As these devices become ubiquitous partners in our lives, manufacturers see growing opportunities in this market. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


Phones having semi-professional camera lenses? Wow. It's crazy to think that designers are no longer looking at the photographer's typical setup, but now focusing their attention on our devices as the home base for camera lenses and photography equipment. Going further, designers and engineers alike have their work cut out for them for years to come with consumers asking for device protection against wicked mother nature.

Matt Dean, Industrial Designer


Wearables continue to be among the hottest and most hyped categories at CES. As with other technologies, we saw 2015 as the year the market matured to offer truly practical, effective and economical solutions for the average consumer. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


Technology continues to become more intimately integrated into our lifestyles. Wearables are uniquely personal items and their design requires a refined and careful approach. In addition to the normal functional requirements, the design of a successful wearable product must consider human behavior, style preferences, safety and innovative user interface. Look for wearable products to increase in subtlety, sophistication and intelligent biometric sensing.

David Carhart, Director of Prototyping


As CES starts the first week of January, most attendees are still committed to their New Years' resolutions of exercising more and losing weight. Manufacturers oblige with a focus on new ways for technology to supercharge our workouts. Some of these are no doubt effective, others probably fall into the novelty category. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


The fitness segment provides product developers ample opportunity to eliminate all of the excuses people have for not working out. The goal is to solve the riddle of how to seamlessly incorporate a fit for life" lifestyle into a hectic schedule. The solution is to use technology to integrate entertainment and data collection and automate reporting of fitness metrics to maximize the results of time spent on fitness. It's not just the design of the equipment but designing the experience.

Scott Semenik, Mechanical Engineer


The meeting of classic, traditional, and at times iconic designs with modern and forward looking technology comes together seamlessly in these products. With iconic designs as the Gibson Les Paul guitar, new developments can be met with criticism from traditionalists at first, but it shows that designers should not be afraid to be progressive in their thinking, and look to the future for new technologies to challenge previously unmet needs. Additionally, retro, classic styling enhanced with modern materials and finishes can make any product relevant in today's highly competitive market places.

Andy Last, Designer, United Kingdom

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held annually in Las Vegas, always gets our team excited for the new year. The show continues to be a whirlwind of eye-catching innovative technologies, novel ideas and thought-provoking concepts. We invite you to see the show through the eyes of PDT's product design and development team.

Connected home gadgets were around every corner. From cameras to appliances, manufacturers keep finding unique ways to apply technologies to connect and automate our households. Roll over the products below to learn more about what we saw:


Security, privacy, convenience and the delicate balance between them all. With the explosion of devices and do it yourself wireless platforms, almost everything in your home can be controlled remotely. Being able to find that delicate balance between the convenience these products can offer while protecting the user and their privacy. These products will really highlight what the customer values most and what they are willing to sacrifice to incorporate these items into their homes.

CES 2015 Las Vegas
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