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Quality Assurance

Contract Manufacturing


PDT an Astronics Company: Product Design and Development Firm in Chicago, IL

Contract Manufacturing

for Highly Regulated Industries

Manufacturing for highly regulated industries

Our large staff of full-time, trained, credentialed professionals work hand-in-hand with customers to serve as a partner in designing, optimizing, assembling, and shipping complex products. Our program managers and engineers are involved from the beginning to guide the project and ensure that potential challenges are addressed early, costs managed, and timeframes upheld. Clients return to work with us time and again become of our premier customer service, talented engineering team and on-time delivery.



Our processes enable accelerated ramp-up and production



Our team is dedicated to providing high quality manufactured products



Our manufacturing floor is built for flexibility and rapid changes in demand

167,000 Sq. Ft.

of local, flexible manufacturing space in waukegan, illinois USA


IPC Class 2 Facility

Team of nearly 100 dedicated professionals

Full QA and PMA

US-Based Manufacturing Capabilities


Production Quality Appearance Models

Proof-of-Concept Models and Mechanisms

Functional Prototypes

High-Speed CNC Machining

Shape Studies

Polyjet 3D Printing


Quality Assurance

Drop Testing

Ball Drop Testing

High Speed Photography and Videography

Lifecycle Testing

Force Analysis and Torque Measurement

Temperature and Humidity Testing

Lens Impact and Abrasion Testing

Water and Dust Protection Testing

IP Validation Testing

Immersion Testing

Part and Tool Verification

Nondestructive Testing

AS 9102 FAI compliance

Vibration Tables

Environmental Testing

Automated CMM Equipment



Designs for Manufacturability

Comprehensive Documentation

Database Management

Injection Molding

Casting Dies

Aerospace-Grade Manufacturing Fixtures

Quick-turn and Production Quality Tooling

Program Management: Government-Owned Tooling

Manufacturing & Assembly

Box Building

System Functional Testing

System Burn-Ins

Final Packaging

Vertically-Integrated Manufacturing Processes

Discrete Parts to Complex Subassembly

End-of-Line Functional Tests

Certified Repair Stations

Managed Production Systems



Handset Parts

Silicon/Nylon/Solid Keysets, Overmold, Gaksets

Plastic Parts


Quality Tool Steel



Three Levels of Suppliers

Electrical Components

Made in USA Compliance



Testing and Follow-Up Analysis

Government-Qualified Products

Customer-Specific Qualifications


Thermal Management

In-House Engineering to design for functionality and low cost manufacturing

Experience converting billet machined heatsinks to less costly die-cast versions


Part Consolidation

Combining multiple parts into a single or reduced part solution


Plastic injection molding

Additive manufacturing


Metal-to-Plastic Conversion

Experience with structural engineered resins

Polyether ketone (PEEK) unfilled, glass filled, carbon filled and Teflon filled


Design for manufacturability

Cost savings

Weight savings


Complex Assembly

Aero medical transport components

Structural, electrical, lighting, aesthetics, oxygen, human factors, interface and test

Flexible manufacturing operations

LEAN Six Sigma Culture

Just-in-time delivery (JIT)

We are ready to tackle Medical & Complex Manufacturing Needs Today.


Contact us to discuss our manufacturing capabilities.

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