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Blood cells

Cynvenio had a prototype of its Liquid Biopsy Platform, an automated system designed for the recovery and characterization of circulating tumor cells (CTC) from blood.


Physician working with cells

The device automates flow cell preparation, sample loading, CTC purification and immunofluorescent labeling of captured cells.

A New Device

System Improvements Developed by PDT

PDT updated the machine to add functionality, improve the user experience for lab techs, and address issues of reliability and maintenance for use in the client’s CLIA-certified laboratory.

An Updated Machine

Cynvenio Biosystems LipquidBiopsy machine locking system

We paired the locking system with software to prevent users from unlocking the tray mid-cycle, preventing spillage and contamination of samples.

Proactive Solutions

Engineering LiquidBiopsy Platform


By rerouting tubing and electronics, PDT’s engineers were able to improve both overall aesthetics and usability.

Overall Improvement

Prototype used for validation testing

Multiple prototypes were created for validation testing and use in Cynvenio’s lab.


Cynvenio LiquidBiopsy Platform

With an average processing time of only 2.5 hours, the new system provides high efficiency capture at a throughput of 5ml blood/hour.

A Highly Efficient System

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