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Dell Adamo

Dell turned to PDT to develop the thinnest notebook of the moment.

Dell Adamo

PDT partners with Dell to design and develop the Dell Adamo

As a strategic partner, and because of our constant tech scouting efforts, PDT was tasked with establishing an ecosphere of suppliers and methodologies that would enable Dell to reach their short and long term goals for notebooks.

Strategic Partners

Dell Adamo measures 16.51 mm thick

We brought our knowledge of material processes, and engineering and construction methodologies to help Dell achieve their first new vision with the Dell Adamo 13; a machine built upon technical excellence and the ethos of craftsmanship.

A New Vision

New Goal: 10mm? "Precision Engineering" of the Dell Adamo

Before the launch of the Dell Adamo 13, another challenge was already underway.

"Can we make the world's thinnest notebook?"

World's Thinnest Notebook

Dell Adamo Prototypes

Proving the goal was attainable, PDT created working aggregate prototypes for analysis and demonstration amongst key stakeholders at Dell. With the green light, our focus turned to detailing the Dell Adamo.

An Attainable Goal

16.51 mm Dell Adamo laptop

16.51 mm: the Dell Adamo is the thinnest ever achieved at the time.

16.51 mm

SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) Latch for the Dell Adamo

Despite a sudden and untimely downturn in the economic climate, Dell moved ahead and launched both the Adamo 13 and the Adamo XPS. Both award winning notebooks broke records in terms of thinness, and remain as Halo products influencing notebook products across all price points, helping Dell reach new levels of innovation and appeal.

Award Winning Notebooks

Dell Adamo sets new standards

The unparalleled, revolutionary Dell Adamo laptop received acclaim from critics and consumers alike.

An Unparalleled Product: Dell Adamo

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