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PDT an Astronics Company: Product Design and Development Firm in Chicago, IL

Development Research

Our research team isn't afraid to jump in... to a semi-truck, a sewer or an operating room. They get their hands dirty but clean up well. They are the fly on the wall. They break barriers. They empathize and connect. They have a toolbox full of unconventional methods proven to uncover insights. They are masters at turning those insights into solutions integral to evolving products in ways that users truly appreciate and your customers will notice. They're interdisciplinary. They are road warriors. They are always knee-deep in new technology scouting. They have the capacity to gain a genuine understanding of user needs and market dynamics. They translate that information into logical solutions to answer genuine user needs, putting them at the core of everything we do.

Emergency medical technician placing equipment in helicopter for user testing, market analysis, and usability testing

PDT Research & Informed Innovation: Investigating, discovering and analyzing critical knowledge as the foundation for design strategy.

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market analysis timeline for user testing and usability

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