Season's Greetings 2016 from PDT

Wishing You a Holly Jolly Holiday and a Peaceful New Year

'Twas the month of December

When Jingle the Elf came out of hiding

To see what our team

Had done before holiday tiding.

Jingle went searching

For a team to guide him,

And found Project Managers

Willing to help with any item.

Starting with research,

The elf went scouting

To find just the right color

And avoid any doubting.

The designers and Jingle

Reported their recommendation;

Ergonomics, brand language,

And market trends all part of the creation.

Along came the mechanical engineers

Ready to construct a robust design,

While keeping production costs down

And meeting the customer's deadline.

Sitting beside electrical engineers

In a room full of PCB boards,

Jingle verified the circuits

Amongst a table of cords.

Writing code was next on the list,

Helping engineers get rid of bugs.

After developing next-gen software,

The team celebrated a win (Go Cubs!)

The elf visited the model shop

To see what prototypes were being created,

And in the process spent time facing

Working carefully and calculated.

To test a cord reel's strength,

The pull tester moves side to side.

Jingle jumped in on the fun -

Oh, what a ride!

Jingle dropped by the team

Working towards product certification.

He even got tested

For good measure at the XRF station.

Documentation requires many hands,

And our specialists are ready to assist.

Qualification test plans and reports

And maintenance guides are on our checklist.

Jingle jumped in

On the manufacturing floor.

Do you see him?

He's wearing red and likes to explore.

Repair station workers awaited

Jingle's final stop of the day.

The elf helped rush product out fast

So it was in time for Santa's sleigh.

Alas, our friend's trip

To visit our team

Allowed him to see

Why we're held in esteem.

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