HumanToolz iPad stand

The PDT and HumanToolz partnership began with a clearly defined goal: to develop a stand worthy of the iPad that has the same Apple quality, fit and finish.

HumanToolz iPad Stand

HumanToolz iPad stand hinge

The product requirements were long, but two important features were to develop a hinge that supports virtually any angle and can easily be switched between landscape and portrait viewing.

Product Requirements

HumanToolz iPad stand with minimal profile

PDT’s designers and engineers collaborated and developed a minimalist design that is easy to install; it simply snaps into place. The low profile design works in harmony with the iPad and was designed to improve virtually every use making it an enduring companion to the iPad, yet it can easily be removed.


HumanToolz iPad stand in use

All it takes is the flip of the iPad to seamlessly change between landscape and portrait; no additional adjustments required.


HumanToolz iPad Stand supports optimal viewing angles

The HumanToolz Mobile Stand supports optimal viewing angles providing users with improved comfort and posture and can be used on virtually any surface. Plus the stand improves how well the iPad feels and fits in your hands.

Improved Angles

Precision hinge technology for HumanToolz iPad Stand

Its built-in kickstand uses the same precision hinge technology found on MacBook Air notebooks.

Precision Hinge Technology

Sturdy, rigid, and durable HumanToolz iPad stand

Chosen for its strength, rigidity and durability, the HumanToolz Mobile Stand is cast out of a single piece of high performance aluminum. The 4-corner, high strength aluminum design protects each corner and prevents the entire rear of the iPad from making contact with damaging surfaces. The aluminum finish matches the back of the iPad precisely.

High Performance

HumanToolz iPad stand functions

To accommodate the functions of the iPad, the stand features cutouts for the camera, volume control, and screen rotation lock button. Urethane pads enhance the fit while protecting the iPad finish. And it fits seamlessly with the Apple Smart Cover to provide 360-degree protection.

Accommodating Functions

HumanToolz iPad Stand Kickstarter Success

The HumanToolz iPad stand received acclaim from industry publications and users alike, and was fully funded on Kickstarter. “I found the design full of attentive details, similar to the Apple iPad itself.” –Patrick Moorhead, Forbes

HumanToolz iPad Stand: A Kickstarter Success

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