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Industrial Design

visionary functional, aesthetic and ergonomic solutions which maximize your product's perceived value and user satisfaction.

Industrial Design For New Product Development


Our industrial designers connect. They cultivate. They challenge. They are diverse in their backgrounds and experiences. They harness the energy that comes from insight, passion and the desire to solve problems. They transform sparks of inspiration into head turning, award winning designs with innovative and intuitive features that incorporate the latest technologies, materials and finishes. They are grounded in engineering architectures. They are team players. They think about the entire product development process from the start and never lose sight of user needs. They create products that evoke emotion.

  • Visual Brand Language (VBL) Development
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Product Platform and Architecture Definition
  • Color, Material and Finish (CMF) Documentation
  • Product Refinement and Detail Definition
  • Human Factors Support (Usability, Ergonomic Studies and Anthropometric Analysis)


  • Product Lifecycle Design
  • Market Trends and Product Landscape Analysis
  • Physical Mockups and Form Studies
  • Collaborative Ideation and Structured Brainstorming
  • Color and Trend Analysis and Contextual Definition


Industrial design product development firm in Chicago
Industrial design product development firm in Chicago


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