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Ishida food packaging equipment

Complete integrated weighing and packing line solutions are currently configured to the customer's requirements using existing standalone machines.


Ishida food packaging equipment

Too many contact arrangements, too little directly-accepted responsibility, too many levels of quality and too many manufacturing systems have all worked against the search for an efficient, consistent, economic and low risk solution. Ishida was looking to address the need for a truly integrated tray packing line from a single source.

A New Solution

Ishida food packaging equipment

We looked internally at Ishida and externally to Ishida’s customers to gain insight into the current situation during site visits and brainstorm sessions. Ishida found they needed to deliver a modular, configurable, 'plug and play' assembly line that suits the needs of the market and meets Ishida's cost, size, aesthetic and ergonomic requirements.

Suiting the Needs

Ishida food packaging equipment

We mapped out the key issues and considerations uncovered in discovery, giving the team a blueprint to address and resolve the challenges at hand during the design phase.

Resolving the Challenges

Ishida food packaging equipment

We then broke the systems down into manageable, configurable pieces before building it back up into a system that met all of Ishida’s goals.

Meeting the Goals

Ishida food packaging equipment

At its unveiling at Interpack 2011, strong Flex-Line sales already returned Ishida's investment.

Ishida Food Packaging

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