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JTRS program tactical radio

PDT was engaged to uncover and translate user driven and technological opportunities based upon an empirical understanding of use scenarios. Our established partnerships allowed us to gain first hand access to users. We observed and interviewed multiple stakeholders to identify how the equipment is used, stored, maintained, and transported.

JTRS Program Radio

Industrial design sketches of JTRS program radio handheld sets

Small Form Fits sets needed to store at least two waveforms. Handheld sets needed to store at least six waveforms. The tactical radio handheld set needed to store at least 10 waveforms. All Cluster 5 sets required GPS capability as well as automatic retransmission and routing capabilities.

Design Requirements

Full scale prototypes of wearables

Opportunities and solutions for modularity, function, comfort and usability were explored through rapid prototyping that enabled true human scaled solutions while respecting the parameters of the applied technologies.

Innovative Solutions

Radio renderings

Cluster 5 included several variants of the Small Form Fit radio and two versions of the handheld radio- a single channel model and a two-channel model (with the objective of producing a three-channel version.) The manpack radio required two configurable channels (with an objective of four configurable channels).

Design Variants

Product rendering for Joint Tactical Radio System Handheld, Manpack, Small Form Fit Cluster 5

PDT offered a solution for the Joint Tactical Radio System Handheld, Manpack, Small Form Fit (JTRS HMS) Cluster 5, managed in conjunction with the United States Army’s Program Manager for the Warfighter Information Network- Tactical (PM WIN-T).

Unique Solution

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