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Leitz Ilam laminators

Leitz iLAM Home Office and Office Laminators are highly versatile solutions for business or personal use. With the user and setting in mind, the laminator design is compact, with high performance features at a great value. It warms up in only three minutes, and laminates pouches up to 125 micron thick. In addition to the versatile design, the Home Office Laminator is available in four vibrant colors that end users can choose from to match their unique style or interior color schemes.

Esselte Leitz Laminator for Home Office
Esselte Leitz Laminator for Home Office

Design Briefing

Esselte Leitz approached PDT's United Kingdom office wanting to update their line of laminators, putting an emphasis on sophistication as well as intuitiveness.


Esselte Leitz Laminator for Home Office

Esselte's corporate headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany, which is also the headquarters of some of the worlds most prestigious automotive brands. The PDT UK Design Team wanted their design to pay homage to high-end European automotive design.


Esselte Leitz Laminator for Home Office

PDT UK accomplished this tribute to high-end European automotive engineering with elegant, flowing surfaces and smooth curves.

Ergonomic Design

The upward arc on the underside and the downward arc on the top surfaces the lightweight look. The slightly lowered center section visually leads the user to the main paper slot interface, enhancing the intuitive nature of the product use. The design profile uses a unique concave design with smooth flowing surfaces to make the product pleasant to the eye and touch.

Leitz iLAM Laminator Line

The iLAM Home Office and Office Laminators combine design form, function and color at an attractive price, unlike many laminators that perform well but look industrial or that look good but lack quality features or performance. The unique utilization of high-impact colors makes this laminator stand out in a home office or workplace. Customers have reacted positively to the new design, increasing sales by 27% in the first year. In addition to a great product launch, Leitz laminator has won multiple awards.

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