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LiFi Technology

High Speed Data Through Light

NON-RF WIRELESS Communications

LiFi is a wireless communication technology that can transmit data at multiple gigabits per second using light. PDT, an Astronics Company, works with pureLiFi, the inventors of LiFi and the first to market with LiFi silicon ready to be designed in.


LiFi offers benefits unmatched by current radio technology, such as Wi-Fi and cellular, like increased reliability and enhanced security. It is also simpler than radio frequency communication, which requires radio circuits, antennas and complex receivers.


LiFi works by using a light antenna to modulate visible or infrared lights at very high speeds which are imperceptible to people. Because it uses light rather than radio, LiFi does not interfere with nearby electronics or radio systems, nor does it compete with Wi-Fi for bandwidth. LiFi can deliver bidirectional, passenger-pleasingly fast content on board and secure wireless communications on the ground.


LiFi is beginning to unlock unprecedented data and bandwidth.

Speed & Bandwidth


LiFi can deliver multiple Gbps speeds in mobile devices, ideal for downloading large amounts of data. It offers bidirectional, full duplex, networked connectivity.



LiFi provides enhanced reliability enabling interference-free communications and 1000 times the data density. LiFi even works with visible light dimmed to very low levels and in the dark with invisible infrared light.

Low Latency


LiFi currently offers latency lower than Wi-Fi by a factor of three times.



LiFi enables additional control, as it offers precise localization for asset tracking and user authentication. Line-of-sight transmission further secures data.

Future Aerospace Applications

LiFi is positioned to be an effective answer to the need for large data transfers, whether it be for passengers in the cabin, crew on board or maintenance staff between flights.


LiFi enables military-grade security, near-zero electromagnetic (EM) signature, quick deployment and take down, and access unlicensed spectrum. Future applications include tactical facilities, command and control, aircraft, ground vehicle, and shipboard communications.

LiFi Is Ready

PDT and pureLiFi are ready today with 1 Gbps LiFi Light Antennas and evaluation kits to begin integrating LiFi into your commercial projects.


pureLiFi's Light Antennas are small enough to be integrated into mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and robust enough for industrial applicatoins like lighting and inflight entertainment systems.

IEEE 802.11bb

LiFi is being standardized as 802.11bb, alongside Wi-Fi and under the umbrella of 5G. In the future, wireless networks and devices such as smartphones will be able to communicate over a combination of LiFi, Wi-Fi, and cellular technologies, selecting whichever is most appropriate at the time.

Above is an access point embedded into a light panel

Next Level Bandwidth & Speed

Has Arrived

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