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The Telefonix manufacturing team is efficient. They're organized. They are always learning and improving via continuous training efforts. They focus on quality and take pride in the products that the company delivers. Whether you stop to check with one of the production supervisors who has been with the company for 20+ years or you pop in to see the a new team member, you will immediately sense the passion for the work that they do. While one is proud to have been a part of the evolution of Telefonix product lines and manufacturing capabilities, the other is busy working out plans for what comes next. Let's just say there is never a dull moment - though rest assured that neither one would ever let a tight deadline jeopardize the quality and care put into every assembly produced by their teams.

PDT's strategic partner, Telefonix, is an AS 9100, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified manufacturer with employees trained in Lean, Sig Sigma, and 5S. Located in Waukegan, Illinois, just 25 minutes from PDT headquarters, design resources and production facilities are co-located to ensure not just cutting-edge design, but design for manufacturability. Every project begs with a comprehensive plan and early involvement with operations, and all stages and gates of manufacturing are tracked to maintain target delivery dates.


Strategic sourcing through Telefonix's network of partners enables precise delivery control by working around embargo and short-term raw material gaps.


The USA-based facility is perfect for manufacturing for regulated industries, but for larger volume programs, Telefonix also has a trusted network of partners in Asia that can be called upon.

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