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How do you humanize technology while demonstrating power, mobility and flexibility to a wide global audience?

CES sparks desire in manufacturers to showcase their latest every year.

Marvell Reference Tablet

Sketch of tablet surface, buttons, and embossed branding

Marvell requested that PDT help them connect with customers and consumers alike to effectively demonstrate the power of their technology beginning at CES 2011.

Power of Technology

Engineered Marvell Reference Tablet

With a whimsical reference to a very familiar form - the printed book - PDT designed, engineered and manufactured a short run of 'two faced tablets' with the Armada processor simultaneously driving multiple activities on an E-ink screen and a TFT touchscreen that were placed on opposing faces of the product.

Engineered & Manufactured

Engineering of two screen technologies

The technical challenges of combining two screen technologies, a high performance wireless system for confined indoor spaces and navigating multiple sources of EM interference lead to creative thinking for assembly, component layout and interconnects while maintaining closeness to an industry relevant thickness of 20mm.

Creative Thinking

Manufacturing the tablet

Marvell and PDT worked in concert to accelerate the development program by orchestrating global teams to work on internal and external design details simultaneously. The focus was on creating a high impact design that was also easy to assemble, disassemble, and suitable for low volume production manufacturing techniques.

Accelerating the Program

Marvell Reference Tablet

Marvell's feature rich reference tablet fulfilled the goal of standing out with performance and personality, enabling them to connect with their audience and affirm their position as a leading semiconductor company innovating in microprocessor architecture, connectivity and digital signal processing for mobile platforms.

Fulfilling the Goal

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