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Pain relief doesn't have to come in the form of a pill.

Recreational athletes strive to stay limber and active but struggle with serious lactic acid buildup and soreness. PDT got to work with Moji to create a truly unique solution to ease their pain.

Moji 360 Dynamic Massager

Girl using Moji 360 Dynamic Massager on thigh, calf, hip, and back

Heat and massage are the prescription for muscle pain, but we found it was difficult to deliver these in tandem to one’s own body.

Heat and Massage

Prototypes of Moji 360

By implementing carefully positioned omni-directional spheres (with heat!) we could provide a wide range of flexibilities to target major muscle groups and troublesome trigger point knots.

Omni-Directional Spheres

Sketch of Moji 360

Great ideas are useless unless they can be effectively implemented, so we made creative solutions come to life with a strong mechanical and electrical foundation.

Creative Solutions

Electrically engineered heating strips inside Moji 360

The PDT electrical engineering team tested different battery powered heating concepts to determine which would maximize the heating performance and minimize cost. Very early prototypes were used to test the heating performance.

Maximized Performance

Circuit board

We developed a printed circuit board assembly to control heating and charge batteries from an external power source. We also developed firmware which monitors and controls heating temperature, battery charging, and provides heating/charging status to the user through a single bi-color LED.

New Developments

Moji 360 molding

We stayed with Moji to support their first molded product manufacture overseas, ensuring a smooth transition to completion.

Manufacturing Support

Moji 360

Effective function, Sleek design, Lifestyle driven and selling like hotcakes!

The Total Package

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