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Moji Massage Tools

Building off of the success of the 360 Massage Line and utilizing extensive customer and retailer feedback, we joined forced again to create a series of lightweight and intuitive tools featuring freely rotating massage spheres that offer premium sports massage for the entire body.

Moji Massage Tools

Moji Massage Tools

We started to develop concepts that enabled the most versatile use scenarios and developed improved rotating massage spheres, facilitating 360 degree massage with deeper and more targeted muscle manipulation. The end result was cutting the number of spheres on each product almost in half – while increasing the diameter of each sphere in order to dig deeper into the user’s body with less effort.

Doing More With Less

Moji Massage Tools

We took our research prototypes to specialty running stores, attended group runs, and met runners at the finish lines to get feedback on what worked best.

Feedback from the Pros

Moji Massage Tools

Based on user feedback, our team raised the center sphere of the foot massager so it hits the arch of the foot and allows for a more intense, deep tissue massage while the five surrounding 1-inch spheres work the sides of the feet all the way up to the toes. We also refined the handles, grips and other details of the stick to most effectively deliver on the desires of the target market.

Integrate Our Learnings

Moji Massage Tools

Our mechanical engineering team was challenged in capturing the thin, light industrial design while keeping a rigid and robust stick. Additionally, the new sphere material presented its own challenge in requiring the right tolerances in the plastic housing and spheres for the best rolling experience.

Everything Is Rolling Smoothly

Moji Massage Tools

PDT helped see the products through to production to ensure the quality of the final deliverable lived up to the Moji name.

Making It Real

Moji Massage Tools

The final solutions feature materials that are both tough and light, while also being easy on the skin they are touching directly.

A Tough, Elegant Solution

Moji Massage Tools

The stick and foot massager share a design language that summons thoughts of both elegance and sportiness that fit perfectly into the lifestyle of their users.

A Shared Language

Moji Massage Tools

Intuitive, stylish and effective. The newest innovations from Moji are making muscles happy.

Comfortable Massage Tools

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