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Ozonated Water Technology

Natural disinfectant

What is Ozonated water?

Aqueous ozone, commonly referred to as ozonated water, is the combination of oxygen mixed with water. Used as a hand rinse, aqueous ozone is a fast, natural, and effective method for destroying viruses and bacteria. Our team is working alongside 3Oe Scientific to bring ozonated water to use in healthcare and public health environments. This application is currently under evaluation, and would improve methods for hand hygiene in these settings around the world.


More powerful than bleach and chlorine-based cleaners, ozonated water doesn't have the downfalls of harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin and encourage pathogen resistance. This all-natural method can kill the most difficult pathogens and reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.



Aqueous ozone is a natural disinfectant that doesn't require hand rubbing, the use of soap, or any harsh chemicals.



Microparticles of ozonated water both physically and chemically disinfect hands and reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, all in just 15 seconds.


Since the Covid-19 pandemic, ozonated water has been deployed in hospitals, schools, and more. Coming to an airport near you?

Hygiene Technology that interrupts

The spread of viral disease

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