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PDT and GTL Create a New Performance Leader in the Green Technology Space


Product Development Technologies “PDT” announced the joint development project with Global Tech LED “GTL” which yielded a new line of solid state miniature 4 inch LED Lamps for commercial and industrial markets manufactured under the Global Tech LED brand.


As businesses and townships look to improve energy efficiency for budgetary and environmental reasons, PDT and GTL came together to create intellectual property developments which maximize luminaire and overall efficiency in a LED fixture module, resulting in the M21LED Module.


This advancement follows the ethos of Green Technology (www.green-technology.org) in its commitment to building a green future for a healthier planet as well as the prospect of growing businesses that can sustain its health.


The M21LED Module with various power and over 4700 lumens, has several optical lenses that can be mounted to provide several optical angles, and intelligent lighting maintanence controls in demand for retail, office and industrial spaces indoors and out.


The M21LED Module is a flexible and compact point source that will change the way fixtures are designed. Small footprint, easy assembly, and fewer parts will provide both the fixture manufacturer and end-user with lower cost, weight and size. Superior active cooling coupled with proprietary thermal management design ensures the M21LED Module maintains efficiency at high temperatures, color consistency and low light degradation through its rated life of 100,000Hrs. The M21LED Module allows for a smaller, more flexible fixture design, a footprint that reduces pole and installation cost as well as lower wind loading when used on poles.


As energy efficiency advances in LEDs are made and new bins become available, they will be incorporated into the M21LED Module, offering higher efficacies without changing the dimensions and shape of the system. This allows luminaire manufacturers to plan and design new luminaire ranges for the coming years.


“We are excited about the M21LED Module and its acceptance in the marketplace. The technical and product development expertise and support from PDT enabled GTL to create a leading edge product unseen in the marketplace” said Gary Mart, CEO of GTL.


Implemented on the M21LED Module is a proprietary energy control system which provides years of life to the product and maximize energy saving. The M21LED Module has a sophisticated regulator circuit which maintains lumen output over the life of the lamp. Proprietary software includes a special current loop technology to minimize load variation degradation. As the degradation occurs it adjusts the current to compensate, making the M21LED Module a performance leader in the market place.


“It was a pleasure working with GTL and its creative team. The M21LED Module product presented some unique challenges. PDT’s engineers were able overcome these challenges to develop an innovative product which will enhance GTL’s position in their competitive marketplace”, said Joe Fernandez, Engineering Fellow of PDT Southeast.


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