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PDT Announces Electronic Tipping Concept


Tipsy is the result of a cross-functional group of PDT team members who set out to solve a growing issue for those of us who still like to leave a tip for a job well done but tend to not have cash on hand. As new and ever more convenient electronic payment methods emerge, people are carrying less cash. We hated to think of our friendly neighborhood baristas and other service providers suffering the consequences.


So we got together and put the ideation process we use every day on products as varied as medical devices, defense products and consumer goods and developed a solution that embraces new payment methods while giving businesses opportunities to create a lasting brand impression at the same time…all while maintaining a responsible eco footprint.


This vision project was conceived by us and developed during down time. It’s not available for purchase, but rather as a concept to be considered as an answer to the issues we’ve observed and opportunities we’ve uncovered in our changing economy.


Meet Tipsy: All the gratitude, none of the hassle.


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