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PDT Wins 2016 Good Design Awards

PDT Honored With Three GOOD DESIGN Awards


LAKE ZURICH, IL — March 23, 2017 — Product Development Technologies (PDT), a global, full-service product development firm, is proud to announce that it has been awarded three 2016 GOOD DESIGN™ Awards. PDT partnered with clients to develop a diverse range of award winning products from fitness devices to ruggedized garage equipment.


PDT is proud to announce the following products have won 2016 Chicago GOOD DESIGN™ Awards:

   Cubii Smart Under-Desk Elliptical

   West Bend Professional Snowball Machine

    Autologic Assistplus


GOOD DESIGN™ received submissions from several thousand of the world’s leading manufacturers and industrial and graphic design firms from around the world representing the most important and critical mass of influential corporations worldwide in the design industry from over 55 countries. All three of Product Development Technologies submissions were chosen as winners, highlighting the diverse and competent capabilities of the design firm.


Founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN remains the oldest, prestigious and most recognizable program for design excellence worldwide. It is organized annually by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.


Cubii Smart Under-Desk Elliptical

Cubii is the first digitally connected under desk elliptical that allows users to burn calories while sitting. Designed in tandem with an app that provides motivation through progress tracking and competition with other Cubii users, it makes movement fun and enticing. The elliptical’s design is novel in that it is silent and provides a natural range of motion, making the ride smooth and comfortable. It also connects with Fitbit, so every stride can count towards daily step goals.


West Bend Professional Snowball Machine

Before the West Bend Professional Snowball Machine, achieving a “snowball” quality grade of ice was previously only achievable with large, expensive commercial machinery; a typical machine was 33” long x 14” wide X 27.5” tall, with a price tag of about $1,900 and capable of shaving large ice blocks into snow that is akin to the fresh snow in January. Now, this is available in an affordable home kitchen appliance. The West Bend Professional Snowball Machine has made the manufacture of street vendor quality ice possible with a portable machine that produces an 8-oz. serving in less than 30 seconds with a price tag of under $100.

The Professional Snowball Machine was launched June 2015 and can be found at high-end retail stores such as Williams-Sonoma stores. A machine that could achieve this finely shaved quality of ice was previously not available as a consumer product. Focus Products Group and PDT made this quality of ice achievable in a sleek modern kitchen appliance all for under $100.


Autologic Assistplus

The Autologic AssistPlus was developed to serve as the central hub of any modern workshop, delivering proven technical capabilities with third-party information sources and live support from experienced technicians built directly into the device. AssistPlus delivers comprehensive automotive diagnostics and easy access to support services as well as simple viewing and sharing of vehicle information, including vehicle data, fault codes, live technical data, pictures and video.

The new AssistPlus delivers diagnostics four times faster than the previous model. A 13 inch touchscreen and 5-megapixel camera were integrated to ensure –clear, effective visuals for employee to employee interaction. Diagnostic test results are stored on-device  by VIN and synched to the cloud, allowing workers to review past test results.



About Product Development Technologies (PDT)

Product Development Technologies (PDT) is a global, full-service product development firm with 120 employees worldwide. Founded in 1995, PDT has grown to become one of the largest product development firms in the country. Team members have expertise in a wide range of product development disciplines, including design research, industrial design, user experience development, rapid prototyping, materials science, mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, strategy, scouting, and sourcing. PDT's award winning product designs have been recognized with more than 100 awards from authorities such as BusinessWeek, Fast Company, the Industrial Designers Society of America and The Consumer Electronics Association. For more information, please go to www.pdt.com.




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