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PDT Works with Corning During 3D Gorilla Glass Development


Every product designer was excited to see Corning’s announcement at the start of CES that its 3D Gorilla glass has been perfected and is now ready to be integrated into wearable and mobile applications.


We at PDT are especially thrilled and proud to have worked with the Corning team during the development of this incredible technology.


Our team explored opportunities and applications within the mobile device space in order to ultimately demonstrate appeal, value and performance to designers while stoking desire in the design community. Serving as “Visioneers” for the possibilities the 3D Gorilla glass would open up gave us the chance to stretch our creativity and think ahead to the opportunities it will ultimately present for our clients.


But as PDT always digs deeper, we analyzed industry expectations for tolerances and generated methods of integration. The performance was checked and communicated with prototypes created in our shop.


We were honored to be involved with this incredible advancement before it was even available for other product developer. And we can’t wait to see (and be part of) the ground-breaking new products that will leverage Corning’s 3D Gorilla Glass!


Corning Gorilla Glass

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