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PDT's Work on Office Machines Featured in Red Dot 21 for Great Design


LAKE ZURICH, IL — March 28, 2018 — PDT's work with Leitz, a European leader of innovative office products, has been chosen to be featured in Red Dot 21 for office supplies differentiated with clever designs that are both functional and appealing. The iLAM Office Laminator product line has been thoughtfully developed with reliability and style in mind by PDT's UK team of designers and engineers.


Because the laminators were designed for both professionals and home users, varying design finishes were developed, ranging from modern while/silver to mesh with modern technology products, to vibrant "WOW" colors, linked to a complete office system offering. The modern, curved surface form factor shows the colors and finishes off, while the concave design prevents marks and fingerprints from showing.


Functionally, the laminators boast impressive abilities. The Office A4 and A3 models laminate up to 125 microns in 45 seconds for an A4 sheet, while the Pro model goes up to 175 microns and quickly laminates a sheet in 40 seconds.


"It's been an honor working with Leitz through the years to help develop these award-winning and user-thrilling products," said Greg Nielan, PDT UK product development manager. "We hope these solutions become user favorites that are happily reached for in the office and home."


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