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A classic needed updating for a new generation of visually impaired students.

In the United States, 70% of citizens who are blind are unemployed or underemployed. However, 80% of those who use Braille are employed.” - Perkins School for the Blind

Perkins Next Generation Brailler

Child using Classic Perkins Brailler

The Classic Perkins Brailler has over 700 moving mechanical parts, took 10 years to invent, has become a critical part of visually impaired education around the world.. and Perkins entrusted PDT to update every detail.

Needing an Update

map of global research locations

PDT coordinated ethnographic research on a global scale to identify the current reach and new opportunities for Perkins.

Ethnographic Research

girl using brailler prototype

Research included returning for user feedback throughout the process. Not only did we get a read on the product details, but also the varying contexts in which it will live.

Research Feedback

exploded view of Perkins Next Generation Brailler

PDT identified how the goals of smaller size, weight, key force and various features could be achieved through new materials, configurations and thinking.

Achieving the Goals

girl using Perkins Next Generation Brailler

The Perkins Next Generation Brailler is now being actively used in classrooms and homes around the world. Less force, less weight, less noise, more possibilities and the potential to bring Braille literacy into the 21st century.

Possibilities and Potential

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