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Autologic approached PDT to develop their next generation multi-brand European vehicle diagnostics device designated AssistPlus. The device delivers OEM-like diagnostics and includes a touch screen interface design, WiFi and on-board camera for taking stills and recording video allowing live support feeds from experienced technicians.

AutoLogic AssistPlus Product Design and Development
AutoLogic AssistPlus Product Design and Development

Autologic AssistPlus

Concept Development

The challenge for PDT was to take the client provided concept and provide a cost effective design for manufacture solution whilst maintaining the valued look and feel.

AutoLogic AssistPlus Product Design and Development

Concept Refinement

The PDT ID team refined the concept which required ruggedized housings with an edge to edge screen centric device with built in carry handle allowing the unit to be attached to the steering wheel of the vehicle during operation. Render visuals were produced for first adopters to get feedback on color, material and finish.

AutoLogic AssistPlus Product Design and Development

Designed and Engineered

PDT’s designers and engineers worked with Autologic’s electronics house to ensure the device hardware was grounded and all electro-mechanical components were placed. PDT’s mechanical team then captured the chosen concept and generated all the unique mechanical parts, assemblies and drawings.

AutoLogic AssistPlus Product Design and Development

The Finished Product

The product was released into the market and was well received by early customers.

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