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Cobra saw an opportunity to leverage design to become the leader in the radar detector industry.

PDT has lead the industrial design of Cobra's core radar detector business since 2000. By working together on a grueling 2 year cycle for the past eleven years, we have evolved the designs to help Cobra establish a strong brand, keeping them at the forefront of consumer desires.

Timeline of Cobra's core radar detectors since 2000.
Cobra wanted to become a leader of Cobra Radar Detectors and stay there

Cobra Radar Detectors

Leading Industrial Design

Corning product lines

Active Scouting Efforts

Our team's active scouting efforts helped predict design influences, enabling alignment with visionary, breakthrough and highly commercial automotive design.

Trend setting

Trend Setting

Imitation is the finest form of flattery. Soon after launch many manufacturers followed suit with remarkably similar details.

Cobra Radar Detector and Cobra Radar Detectors

Timeless Design

A consistent format and core layout continually met the needs of drivers and has therefore not necessitated a change to date.

Cobra Radar Detector and Cobra Radar Detectors sketches

Consistent Innovation

However while necessity drives innovation, technology enables execution- from the adoption of next generation display types to pushing manufacturing processes to a cost competitive level. The Cobra radar detector line continues to respect the desires of its customer base while evolving to bring increased control and comfort.

Cobra Radar Detector and Cobra Radar Detectors rendering

No Compromises

By paying attention to the fine detail through every step of development and working closely with suppliers, we ensured that we kept focus on innovating within a highly price sensitive market. The result is no unforeseen compromises when features are taken to mass production.

Cobra Radar Detector and Cobra Radar Detectors

Strong Brand Identity

Multiple SKU's, multiple price points. PDT worked with Cobra to establish a strong brand identity that can be dissected across the line without diluting the experience or the value.

Cobra Radar Detector and Cobra Radar Detectors

A Strategic Investment for the Cobra Radar Detector

Cobra and PDT proved that design is a good strategic investment that can be leveraged to propel a brand to the top.

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