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Fellowes approached PDT to update Fellowes' existing office laminator range with fresh styling, but without losing sight of the previous models' aesthetics. The new range was to look more purposeful in an office environment and sit comfortably alongside other office equipment, while still maintaining a unique and distinctly 'Fellowes' look.

fellowes laminator design and development
fellowes laminator design and development

Fellowes Laminators


PDT researched existing office products like printers and noted features, styling, materials and finishes. This provided areas of inspiration for the new laminators. We explored various form factors, user features, materials and finishes while considering mechanical and production issues.

fellowes laminator design and development


The final designs were modeled in ProEngineer around the internal components.

fellowes laminator design and development

A Clean Aesthetic

Simple, elegant forms were used as much as possible to keep the aesthetic clean and pure. This also helps to maintain the widest appeal possible among a range of users. The simple forms and curved surfaces are accentuated with high quality finishes, including gloss black and lacquered metallic paints.

fellowes laminator design and development

New Technology

The Neptune3, Jupiter2, and Venus2 laminators each incorporate Fellowes' InstaHeat technology and use robust four and six-roller systems to produce a high-quality finish at the rate of 24, 30, and 40 inches per minute.

fellowes laminator design and development

High-Quality Lamination

The Fellowes Neptune3, Jupiter2, and Venus2 12.5-inch laminators make it easy to achieve high-quality lamination results without the wait.


In 2015, the Fellowes Laminators won a platinum Award for Design Excellence (ADEX) for demonstrating superior innovation, function and aesthetics, and the Fellowes Jupiter 2 won a silver award from Appliance Design's Excellence in Design competition for outstanding achievement in innovation, design and functionality.

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