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In today's world, kids want their own way to express themselves and connect with the people in their life. PDT helped lead Firefly to create a mobile phone family that gives kids the independence they want with the security they need.

The independence kids want with the security they need.
Children on playground

Firefly Phone

One Click Away

The ability for a child to get in touch with their parent or guardian is paramount. Both the flyPhone and glowPhone make accessing a parent one-click away.

Firefly interface

A Playful Interface

Now for the fun stuff! Easily text a friend, snap a photo, take a video, play a game... all with unique playful icons and interface.

Firefly phone interaction flow

A Seamless Experience

Designing a complete phone interaction flow for kids was no easy task. PDT's user interaction team thought through every button press and on-screen message to make it as seamless an experience as possible.

flyPhone prototypes

Visual Clarity

In order to ensure visual clarity, PDT created a custom font for the flyPhone along with fun interactive icons and screen layouts.

Firefly Glowphone

Staying Connected

The first line of mobile phones designed for the active, connected and engaged youngster.

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