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3Oe Scientific

Iggy™ Hand Rinsing Device


3Oe Scientific’s Iggy™ is a proprietary hand rinsing device that utilizes aqueous ozone technology as a chemical-free, natural disinfectant that does not irritate skin. Iggy™ features a miniaturized ozone generator, sensors, and mechanical water forces to deliver ozonated water that kills bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, in seconds.

The Technology:

Aqueous ozone, commonly referred to as ozonated water, is the combination of ozone mixed with water. Ozonated water is a natural disinfectant that eliminates hand-rubbing, use of soap, or harsh chemicals. When used for hand rinsing, ozonated water is a fast, natural, and effective method for killing bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus.


Aqueous ozone is comprised of three oxygen atoms joined and dissolved in water. It is used as a natural disinfectant across the world to kill bacteria and viruses during drinking water treatment and by the food industry to clean produce.



Ozonated water kills germs and pathogenic microbes. It's natures disinfectant. Feel the full power of nature with Iggy™. 7 seconds. Cleaner, Faster, Better.



For Iggy™ to become a success, our team miniaturized an entire lab cart’s worth of ozone-generating components into a handheld removable cartridge. These replaceable cartridges generate  and control ozonated water.


Understanding mechanical limitations and connectivity features, PDT and 3Oe Scientific began the development process by brainstorming concepts with a user-centered design approach. Our design team implemented VOC insights from extensive research with various stakeholders, including installation, maintenance, and end-users.

After numerous sketches, prototype iterations, ethnographic research, and lessons learned, PDT’s design team helped 3Oe Scientific create a brand identity and a frictionless experience. Iggy™ ensures complete spray coverage while focusing on installation, water supply methodologies, and protecting

the internal components from the spray.


Iggy™ was designed to simplify the hand rinsing process and maximize efficacy. The development explored instructional graphics and success indicators. To ensure hand coverage, the team decided to minimize potential user error and make the device do all the work. Ten precisely-placed water nozzles provide frictionally forced-water sprays to completely cover hands with no rubbing necessary. Iggy™ features automatic start and stop with hand sensors, to create a touchless experience. Interior colored LEDs light up the chamber for visibility, indicate hand rinsing time, and any incomplete usage.


Our hardware and software engineering teams developed complex, hands-free prototypes to learn how much aqueous ozone was needed for maximum efficacy, optimal spray coverages, flow rates, generator lifecycles, and many other metrics. This intelligent software lives inside of every Iggy™ unit to record and report data during use.


The 3Oe ATP test system is designed to run the Iggy™ unit at a predefined ozone generator current level. A controlled amount of ozone is generated consistently to kill various pathogens and remain gentle to the user's skin. The Iggy™ ozone generators are tracked to understand when the cartridges are "spent" and needs replacement. The system will notify maintenance with 30 days advance warning for replacement.


In March 2020, PDT and 3Oe Scientific pivoted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project team expedited development activities and worked on an accelerated schedule due to rapidly increasing global demand.

PDT transferred the final design to our local 167,000 sq. ft.  manufacturing facility to quickly ramp up production. Iggy™ is currently installed in schools across the U.S., with additional applications in testing for healthcare, travel, and public health environments.


Iggy™ has achieved success since its launch. Iggy™ won Tech Product of the Year at the 2021 Techpoint Mira Awards, recognizing the "Best of Tech" in Indiana.


PDT was selected by  America by Design to highlight the Iggy™ design project in its nationally televised series on CBS that shines a spotlight on American innovation, ingenuity and design excellence. The series showcases the amazing and the remarkable innovations and concepts that are real and are sure to change the way we live our daily lives.


Iggy™ was selected among 30 featured innovations and voted for the People's Choice Award for Season 1.

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