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Sometime brilliance is in simplicity: design for humans.

By leveraging natural patterns of human body movements and a modular form, the PRx7 aimed to enable those who are not physically fit or have challenges related to disabilities as well as those who already maintain a level of fitness to build strength and aerobic endurance.


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Many people who begin a fitness regimen are so out of shape or inhibited by disabilities that they cannot physically perform some exercises. The PRx7, named for the 7 primal patterns of human body movement, aimed to enable users to customize their workouts to include strength training and aerobic exercises that are achievable for people of every fitness level.

Customizing Workouts

The PRx7 endeavored to empower anyone to move through a full range of motion with proper form. In order to execute this goal, modular bands offering different strengths and resistance levels were created to safely connect and disconnect from the system via a quick release mechanism.

Executing the Goal

Based upon the 7 primal patterns embraced and demonstrated by PRx7, PDT designed a system to endure the challenges presented by weight, movement, modularity and universal access. Quick release mechanisms are robust and secure yet easy to operate, touch points were developed with subtle yet critical ergonomic considerations and material choices were solidified based upon performance, cost and weight.

Designing a System

By integrating lightweight materials and TPE overmolded touch points, the PRx7 system is designed with the end user in mind to promote a secure and easy to use interaction. In-depth analysis allowed PDT to identify the optimum geometry, structure and materials to use in order to meet the rigorous demands of weight and movement.

In-Depth Analysis

The system was designed to integrate easily into a multitude of lifestyles and environments. Ready to use out of the box by  simply attaching it to a closed door, an  overhead bar or an overhanging tree limb, the PRx7 is easy to set up and take down.

Integrating Easily

From the VA to basic training, from rehab centers to gyms and homes, the PRx7 is changing lives by improving the health of individuals with disabilities, including veterans, as well as those who struggle with obesity. See more at www.prx7.com.

Changing Lives

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