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STERIS has been providing the industry’s leading double and single hospital basin scrub sinks for 30+ years. It was time to reevaluate their material and process choices and evolve the product to best suit the needs of active hospital professionals.

STERIS Scrub Sink


Our team addressed ergonomic and safety issues with a design that allows the user to stand closer to the basin, more comfortably access the leg panel controls, and minimize water ‘splashback’.

Ergonomic & Safety Issues

STERIS sink design research

We compiled a matrix of potential materials to replace stainless steel. They had to exhibit the same durability while reducing manufacturing costs. Cross-referencing chemical compatibility specifications of the materials with the chemicals of the hospital environment, one material rose to the top of the list – Kydex T coupled with thermoform manufacturing.

Maximizing Materials

STERIS sink prototype

We created full scale prototypes to test hospital installation and usage- proving the design was much more inviting and effective.



The progressive STERIS scrub sink was honored with a Design Journal ADEX Award for superior product design.


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