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STERIS V-Pro 60 Low Temperature Sterilizer

STERIS approached PDT to design a new medical device sterilizer that built off of the design of the successful STERIS V-Pro maX Low Temperature Sterilizer that our team created a few years before.

STERIS V-PRO 60 Sterilizer

STERIS V-Pro 60 Low Temperature Sterilizer

This new sterilizer had to be highly versatile in design; it would have to be used as a cart-mounted or countertop solution. PDT's solution includes a cart that provides plenty of storage for trays and containers, while the countertop option serves as an excellent solution in constrained environments. The V-PRO 60 offers a cohesive look and brand language shared between the sterilizer and the cart.

Versatile Design

STERIS V-Pro 60 Low Temperature Sterilizer

Our industrial design team specified color, materials and finishes for every detail.


STERIS V-Pro 60 Low Temperature Sterilizer

Since these units are often against a wall, whether on the stand or on a table, we came up with a rear design solution for placement of venting and the integration of the input/output plate along with the idea of creating a detail that can allow for cable management and allow the device to be placed as close to the wall as possible.

Rear Design Solution

STERIS V-Pro 60 Low Temperature Sterilizer

Our team proposed multiple solutions for the door and cart handles.


STERIS V-Pro 60 Low Temperature Sterilizer

The use of gas assist injection molded parts was a first for STERIS. The large size of the parts require gas assist to be able to form properly. Previous products used plastic for aesthetic reasons and in this product it was used for all external panels.


STERIS V-Pro 60 Low Temperature Sterilizer

Using this material and process allowed STERIS to be more innovative with the industrial design.. Many previous products also use sheet metal for external covers, which restricted the use of color and shape.

Industrial Design

STERIS V-Pro 60 Low Temperature Sterilizer

Transforming the standard of low-temperature sterilization, the V-PRO 60 Sterilizer is the first small low temperature sterilizer on the market with a 60 Liter chamber that offers twice the sterilization capacity as its competition and yet still fits on a counter top or a cart.

STERIS V-Pro 60 Low-Temperature Sterilization

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