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STERIS V-Pro Sterilizer

Steris' sterilizers are well-known and liked by users, we were challenged to develop the next generation that would continue and build upon that customer satisfaction.

STERIS V-PRO Sterilizer

STERIS V-Pro Sterilizer

Sterile processing departments must work efficiently to meet the around the clock demand of hospital operating rooms.

Demanding Environment

STERIS V-Pro Sterilizer

The STERIS V-PRO 1 Low Temperature Sterilization System has been an important and quickly recognizable tool for those responsible for sterile processing. When embarking on development of their next generation sterilizer, STERIS wanted to build on this success while making improvements that met user needs.

Building on Success

STERIS V-Pro Sterilizer

Through observations and interviews with sterile processing technicians in their working environments, we uncovered their desire for an ergonomic, easy to use chamber door to make loading equipment easier, just like a laundry machine at home. A large handle was created which catered to the various heights of technicians and only requires a simple push and pull.

Ergonomic Focus

STERIS V-Pro Sterilizer

A larger display with an improved user interface helps users navigate through the versatile processing options of the V-PRO maX. Improved material compatibility and sterilization power of the V-PRO maX helps to minimize aborted cycles, saving time and money and enabling reliable equipment turnaround.

User Interface

STERIS V-Pro Sterilizer

Sterile processing departments and the equipment must be kept clean to prevent infection and contamination. The new flush design of the V-PRO maX helps to minimize dust and dirt buildup and is easy to wipe down and keep clean. The V-PRO maX maintains the family look of the older V-PRO 1 while capturing a much more modern and stylish appearance.

STERIS V-Pro Sterilizer

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