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Thule Atmos X5 Sketches

PDT's product designers worked with Thule to conceptualize a new iPhone case that is waterproof, dustproof and built for the adventure Thule enthusiasts seek.

Thule Atmos X5

Thule Atmos X5 Concepts

Thule initiated an IP mitigation exercise to ensure there was no conflict with existing products on the market. A concept that featured side clips was ultimately chosen based on the sealing performance and originality.

IP Mitigation

Thule Atmos X5 Industrial Design Rendering

Sketches were adapted to CAD, with special attention focused on the case fitting the most popular audio plugs on the market (Bose, Beats, Apple, Skll Kandy, Sennheiser, Sol Republic). The mute switch design proved to be the most complex part of the design, requiring multiple iterations before resulting in a reliable, IP-68 sealed solution.

Fitting the Needs

Thule Atmos X5 Prototype

First pass two-shot printed prototype parts were created in our on-site prototyping shop using digital material. PDT's engineers tested the functionality of the volume, power & mute buttons while also testing the grip of the back surface using these prototype cases.

Testing Prototypes

Thule Atmos X5 Prototype

PDT's development team created a CNC prototype using the same production materials to test the main sealed latch design. It easily passed IP-68 testing, confirming the case's effectiveness at protecting the mobile phone completely from dust against long periods of immersion under pressure.

Proving Protection

Thule Atmos X5

PDT's lead mechanical engineer for this development program traveled to China to oversee the tooling and ensure the industrial design intent and main seal design were executed perfectly.

Perfect Execution

Thule Atmos X5
Thule Atmos X5

Color, materials and finishes (CMF) were specified for each part, mold flow was performed to determine the method that delivered the best cosmetic finish, and a 3D manufacturing drawing was produced to ensure quality production parts.

Quality Production

Thule Atmos X5

PDT's engineering team worked along side Thule's development team in reviewing and troubleshooting challenges with first off tool (FOT) parts.


Thule Atmos X5 Waterproof iPhone Case

Thule's Atmos X5 iPhone 6/6S and 6 Plus/6S Plus cases are a stylish way to protect against drops, fingerprints and scratches without losing any smartphone functionality.

Thule Atmos X5: Stylish Protection

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